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Here's a short list:

Finished and Kit Dipole antennas with 1:1 baluns built in.

1:1 Balun Center Insulators.

1:1 Balun Dipole Starter Kits.

1:1 RF Isolator Kits

Coaxial Chokes

4:1 Balun Center Insulators

4:1 Balun Dipole Starter Kits






    Tom Nickisch,W8AMZsk
    11/21/1964 - 12/18/2013


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News Flash!

Please have a look at our 80m and 160m
Half-Slopers. Great for limited space!

Going on sale soon!!! Check back for sale start.
W8AMZ Amateur Radio Products offers a line of popular and very well built amateur radio antennas and accessories.

We are continually adding new products to the line up.

We also build custom antennas to suit your needs, so
contact us with your specs and we will get you a quote.

The W8AMZ Team

 All W8AMZ Amateur Radio Products are proudly Made In The USA.
We always use American manufactured components
wherever possible.