Considering purchasing a W8AMZ 160m Double Size G5RV?

Due to the number of returns of this antenna because of its length and height requirements,
I suggest the following:
Obtain a 300 foot roll of string, cord, or even rope from the store and mock up the antenna.
204 feet across and from the middle of that, a 62 foot "T" to the ground. Hang it in the location you intend to put the W8AMZ 160m Double Size G5RV to verify you have enough length and height. Don't worry too much where the down leg is on your property because there needs be at least 70 feet of coax from the bottom of the antenna to the shack.
If you find there is enough room, you now have some of the hard part done, just use the installed string to help install the actual antenna. 
This tip may save you re-packing and shipping fees if you purchase one and find its too long for your location.