W8AMZ 80-6m OCF Dipole / Windom Multi-Band Antenna w/ 4:1 Balun

    Introducing the W8AMZ 80–6m OCF / Windom Multi-Band Antenna using a 4:1 Balun and rated for 2 KW. The SWR is generally below 1.5:1 on 6, 10, 20, 40 & 80m bands and can be operated without an antenna tuner. With an antenna tuner, you can operate 12, 15, 17, 30 & 60m bands with ease, where most built in antenna tuners will find it very easy to tune.

                          The W8AMZ OCF Dipole / Windom dimensions are as follows:

                    80-6m OCF / Windom:  132’ long. 88’ on one long side & 44' on the short side. 
                    40-6m OCF / Windom:  66' long.   44' on the long side & 22' on the short side.

The horizontal wires are black jacketed #14 Gauge Stranded Copper wire that is easy to work with, unlike the bare solid copper clad steel wire used by a few other antenna manufactures. Yes, it is a lot cheaper, because it is mostly steel rather than expensive copper, but it’s open to elements to corrode. It can also be easily detune the antenna if it runs through wet foliage of trees. Yes, as stated by other competitors, bare copper wire had been the first choice of amateurs for many decades. This was because copper was once very inexpensive and the insulation more than doubled the cost of wire. Now with copper at staggering all-time highs, the difference to have the insulated wire is virtually irrelevant. And the insulation on the wire has absolutely NO effect on the receive sensitivity. Our wire does not come from home improvement centers, it is delivered in a 30,000 foot drum by motor freight about every three weeks. It is built to the very rugged, high standards demanded by me here at W8AMZ Amateur Radios Products.

    The horizontal wire elements are attached to the top center unit with very strong durable metal compression fittings. Then, the wire passes directly into the center unit with no outside connections to go bad, corrode and offer a bad signal connection. This antenna will last for many years. 

 It also uses light weight high quality PVC dog bone insulators. As with all the antenna components, they are completely 100% UV stable, for many years of trouble free use. And what’s more they are completely built in the USA and all components are made in the USA with the exception of the SO-239 connector. The SO-239 connectors are Silver Plated, Teflon Insulated with a Gold plated center conductor.

Vertical Radiator Kits For OCF / Windom
80m & 160m OCF / Windoms + 20ft RG-8X Coax
40m OCF / Windoms + 10ft RG-8X Coax

    The W8AMZ Vertical Radiator Kit allows your OCF / Windom to simultaneously radiate both horizontally and vertically.By adding the vertical radiator kit to your antenna, you will be adding a Low Angle Radiation pattern to your antenna.

    The W8AMZ Vertical Radiator Kit consists of a very high quality Line Isolator with Silver Plated, Teflon Insulated, Gold center pin SO-239 mounted with Stainless Steel Screws and a jumper of high quality RG-8X coax with Silver Plated, Teflon Insulated PL-259 connectors. The Line Isolator and coax are both rated for 2Kw. The kit also includes complete simple to follow instructions. You will notice an increase in DX Signal strength without compromising your stateside contacts.

OCF Dipole / Windom  6m - 40m $79.00
OCF Dipole Vertical Radiator Kit  6m - 40m $43.00
OCF Dipole / Windom  6m - 80m $94.00
OCF Dipole Vertical Radiator Kit  6m - 80m $48.00