W8AMZ Wire Vertical Antennas



A Great DX Antenna for Portable/Backpacking
Permanent, Low Profile/Stealth Installations

The W8AMZ Wire Vertical antenna uses just three elements, 1 Driven element and only 2 Radials to deliver outstanding results on DX and very good results State Side. At the same time it is a very low profile/low visibility antenna. Because of its small compact size, it makes a great antenna for Backpacking and Camping, Just roll it up and stash it in your go bag.

The W8AMZ Wire Vertical antenna is capable of full legal limit 2Kw and is built with the same 100% water proof design as our popular Classic G5RV model. It uses the same design for the center interface, that also makes it very durable for many years of service, with a very efficient strain relief process at each wire connection point.

The W8AMZ 40m Wire Vertical antenna needs about 33-34’ of height for the vertical driven element plus the 5-10’ below the connection point. Meaning total height is 38-44’ total height. It will require the two 33-34’ horizontal radiators to go out straight & level opposite directions about 5-10’ above ground, for a total of 66-68’ total horizontal space.

The utilization of both black jacketed wire and grey Dogbone insulators makes it a very low visibility antenna for stealthy installations.

The Wire Vertical antenna is available in a completed ready to hang configuration with the antenna cut to the middle of the band with the SWR reaching about 1:1.3 at the top or bottom of the band. That is provided the antenna is hung in the correct manner.

It is also available with the wires longer and without the insulators installed, so you can prune it to the best SWR for your location and or your preferred resonant frequency.

As with all W8AMZ antennas, they are Proudly Made In The USA.

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Discontinued 30m Wire Vertical Finished Ready To Hang $37.00
Made to order- 40m Vertical Finished Ready to Hang $45.00